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Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer... - HI! I'M STUPID!

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January 8th, 2005

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06:20 pm - Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer...
Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

So the basketball team is on it's way to state, which is huge for most of Civil City High. Typically Jamie wouldn't give a damn either way, buuuuuuuuut the boy toy just so happens to be on the team meaning she has to curb her anti-school function ways and go watch him get sweaty on the court (oh darn...)
Joey is kind enough to come along with Jamie into enemy territory and it seems like it's going to be one of the bizaree nights when you do something you think you're gonna hate but actually end up liking. But as it turns out, no Jamie pretty much hated it. Why? Well aside from those priceless moments, where Jamie is cheering her brain out for her man that she catches him gawking at Muffy McGee (cheerleader captain of course) as he runs up court. To make matters O so much better, she spot a suspicious person leaving the gymnasium just before the half. With her slayer senses tingling she goes to check it out.
Yeah. It's Drusilla, come to draw the Slayer outside to give her a little private message.
"I got a pie baking for you slayah."
Jamie is at a loss for a snappy retort, totally wierded out and spooked to all hell as Drusilla fades to black Metallica style.
The Next day Jamie mentions it to Joey who himself, gawks a bit that the Big Bad was on their freaking door step. Jamie decides they should go tell Leyland, but as they are approaching the office there is a girl sobbing her eyes out near her locker. Annie, someone Jamie knows from class. Aparently her boyfriend dumped her for one of Muffies Cheerleader cronies, Fifi Hughs (whats with preppy people and the names...). As IF on cue the torture wagon walks on by, Fifi Hughs in the lead. Jamie is about to say something not so nice when she catches their conversation as they walk by...
"...No, no ones heard from him can you believe it?"
"I know! Danny is like, our star player I mean if he is like dead or something we are so gonna loose state."
Jamie heads to Leylands office leaving Joey to continue comforting poor Annie. Her watcher confirms that one of the players on the basket ball team has gone missing and police are on the look out. Jamie's knews isn't much prettier. Leyland is speechless when she tells him about Drusilla.
"My God...are you alright?"
Jamie is touched but explains there was no fist acuffs....what ever that means.
Later that day Dex approaches Jamie and dismissivley thanks her for supporting him and the team, stopping Jamie from giving the traditional kissy huggy thing she likes to do when he is around. Hurt and dumb founded, she watches as Dex walks across the school yard to Muffy McGee and thanks her deeply for the great cheers.
That night on Patrol, Jamie #(&$)*@!&#$_(*@_#($_@*$*(^@&#$^@%$&!$^#!^@$#^%!$@#^$!^%#$^#*(_)()_!(#((&^$%@^#%$(vents her agression and hurt on every poor bastard vamp that crosses her path, dusting at least 3 and scaring the CRAP out of at least 2). One vamp spills the beans that a new friend will be visiting tomorrow night. Poof. Vamp dies.
The next day after school Jamie sees Dex talking to Muffy again, in the VERY friendly way. As Muffy leaves Jamie approaches Dex.
"Well...Okay, we're adults. So we should talk-"
Dex cuts her off "Hey did you here Danny is back? He called the coach and said he will be comign to the game tonight. You'll be there right?"
Dex smiles and leaves.
Jamie resists the urge to damage school property, then goes to Leyland.
"So our new vamp is Danny."
"Are you sure?"
That night...
Yeah, it's Danny alright. Jamie catches him in the Locker room about to have a before game meal on a ditzy girl.
"Wow Danny, you must have pissed someone up there off somethin fierce to be on my list of peoples ass to kick on this, of all nights."
I still cringe when I think about the beat down that followed...
The next day as Jamie arrives at school she witnesses something that nearly melts her freaking head. Joey is following Muffy around like a little puppy, and when Muffy almost steps in dog crap Joey THROWS himself, yes, THROWS HIMSELF, onto the fecal matter to protect Muffy's shoes. Jamie is so stupified she just stares, long enough to watch Dex walk up to Muffy and make out with her right there in the courtyard. All these little security blankets of feeling cool for having an independant life and being the slayer slowly go up in smoke. Jamie, on the verge of tears walks into the school yard and sits down on a bench and stares ahead in total shock. People are walking by and talking about how excited they are about the pep rally during lunch. SINCE WHEN THE #$%& DOES ANYONE GIVE A $%&^ ABOUT PEP RALLIES!? Jamie realizes suddenly...
"Oh my God...of course...it's all supernatural...Oh my GOD. Muffy could be a DEMON."
This thrills her. She rushes to Leylands office...
Jamie spills it all, the wierd events, the manipulations of Muffy and theory she has. Leyland barley pays attention as he is typing on his computer. Jamie comes around the desk. LEYLAND IS CHANGING ALL OF MUFFY'S GRADES TO A's.
Again it should be noted the enourmous self control this slayer has, as no one was murdered in this scene. Surrendering to the fact Leyland is affected she takes some of his books and heads to the library to do research. Sure enough, she has some luck. Compulsion spells. How can they affect so many people all at once? A Coven of witches. CRAP. Jamie closes the book and decides to head to the pep rally and see the magic at work. BAD F'n IDEA.
Jamie arrives just in time for the Cheerleaders to finish their cheer. As Jamie appraoches Muffy spots her and gets on the Mic.
"Everyone, okay we have a special performance by JAMIE HOLT for her EX-BOYFRIEND Dex. So lets give it up for Jamie!"
Jamie's horror and confusion is complete when all eyes turn to her and she suddenly realize she is dressed like BRITNEY SPEARS from Hit Me Baby One More Time. Which by the way, she steps up on stage and against her own freaking will, performs horrably infront of the school. As the song finishes Muffy kisses Dex and promises to see him tonight AFTER the GAME. People leave and Jamie stands like a broken general amoungts the shattered remains of her army of resolve.

Jamie gothing her self out back at her house, rage burning in her eyes. It's WAR. It's freaking ON now. The books she borrowed confirm that she needs a pom pom from the locker of a cheerleader to break at least part of the spell. Enough to get Leyland and Joey maybe...
Jamie putting a fist through a solid Sheet Metal locker like it was rice paper and drawing out a Pom Pom.

The spell works, kinda. Leyland is released form the spell while Joey is only partial so. Shocked as hell from what has happened they all go and confront Muffy at her Daddy's mansion. Muffy isn't very happy to see them smash into her room and Leyland is worried Jamie is going to do something she is going to regret. But Muffy seems to be able to hold her own as she called a FREAKING LIGHTING BOLT FROM THE SKY WHICH RIPS THROUGH HER WINDOW AND STIKES JAMIE SQUARE IN THE CHEST SENDING HER THROUGH A WALL. Joey, hesitate but springs to action, but is hurled by an unseen force to the ground. Leyland picks himself off the ground and turns to see if Jamie is alright. Jamie is alread back on her feet.
"You have no idea how long I have wanted you to do something that stupid."
Buuut no, Muffy takes the hits and magic starts to fly. It seems like a pretty bad fight, until Joey's eye go black and FOOM! The Pom Pom of Muffy's go up in smoke. Muffy snaps out of it, barley remembering anything. Jamie, again, confused pauses and is about to ask her what she remembers when the SIDE OF THE HOUSE IS PULLED OFF by the rest of the coven, who are here to kill Muffy as Fifi wants to be the most popular girl now. The Coven begins to do a cheer and Muffy's face contorts into a hideous visage of pig likeness. Muffy of course, screams in horror. They begin another cheer to blast them all off the face of the earth.
Running. Lots of running followed here. When Jamie was done running, she ran some more.
They arrive at the gymnasium and hope to hide there, but the Coven follows them and all hell breaks loose. A big fight which almost cost Jamie a few vital organs (thanks to falling class, electricity and various curses) ends as Jamie lays the smack down on all of them, getting up close and destroying the pom poms. The Spell on Muffy wears off and Muffy looses it, hitting Fifi while she is down screaming at her. Jamie, holding a hurt arm tilts her head like she is watching the end to a good romance movie.
"It's the little things in life you treasure..."
The next day Leyland recalculates the grades. The Gang learn that some "freaky british woman" gave Muffy the spell book and Pom Poms and simply repeated "Be in me...". Leyland explains Drusilla has hipnotic power. Gooooood to know.

Dex brings flowers to Jamie and apologies alot. ALOT. Jamie soaks it up, but doesn't let him burn.
"It's cool you had a momentary laps. You tasted what it's like to be shallow and petty and you saw that the way of darkness is not *Jamie notices Muffy walking by* OOH QUICK!!!"
Jamie makes out with Dex hard core.

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Date:January 8th, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)
hahahaha, man, these games are just more and more fun with the next episode. kudos to the exceptional plot writing ability of the GM, whoever that is.
[User Picture]
Date:January 11th, 2005 07:33 pm (UTC)
Right on man! I'm glad you and Matt like them. We will be having a bunch put up pretty soon. We wanna finish Season 1.

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