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Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer...THE THANKSGIVING EPISODE - HI! I'M STUPID!

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January 11th, 2005

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07:35 pm - Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer...THE THANKSGIVING EPISODE
Leyland 2.0

We open the episode, Jamie is on the bus (dorky yeah, but the alternative is having daddy make the limo man drive her to school) with her feet kicked up on the seat and head phones on. The bus pulls up and she steps off and sets down her board. She see's Joey.

Just as they are about to begin their morning chat ritual, Jamie notices a scuffle beginning at the mouth of an ally way two blocks away from school. Deciding to check it out she and Joey head to the ally.
Joey: "Damn...they are starting early today."

Jamie rounds the corner and there is a LARGE demon beating the crap out of an insanely hot man in a suit. Jamie kicks up her board catching both of the brawlers attention.
"Got room for a third?"
The demon goes crazy and lunges for the new gal, and is rather stunned by the spin kick to the chest that caused him to dent a garbage dumpster behind him. Now it's on. Jamie and the demon go at it, but she isn't alone. The man in the suit delivers an impressive spinning sweep to the back of thr demons Knee, then smiles and bids Jamie to take the next shot. Jamie smiles back and ducks a swing by the demon delivering a no so graceful and brutal palm strike to the jaw. Jamie smiles and usher the man to take his turn, as the two go back and forth like taking turns and grading each other on their pinata swings, Joey snatches up a Demon tooth knocked out from the fight (it hasn't been mentioned much before, only hinted at- but Joey is studying witchcraft against Leylands wishes, stealing books from his office and what not). The demon has had enough and charges Jamie. Joey sees Jamie's board and kicked it under the charging demon cause the demon to loose his balance. Jamie takes him down and Axe Kicks him in the back of the head.
Cartoon birdies and all.

The man introduces himself as Principle Leyland's Cousin, Tobias. He reminds Jamie that at one point she requested of Leyland, not long after the Ninja Demon incident at her house, that she wanted to train with a martial arts master, and asked if the watchers council would send one. Thus here he is. Jamie reflects on the sheer luck. The man is like Orlando Bloom and James Bond combined and only a few years older. But she contains herself and asks him to meet her at school sometime, explaining thats where Leyland does alot of her training. Getting back to school Jamie runs into Dex who gets some smoochies. Mid day, around lunch time, the three are hanging out with Annie, the girl Joey comforted in the previous episode, approaches Joey and ASKS HIM ON A DATE. Jamie has to retrain herself. But she ends up cutting in "Hey my band Chain is doing a set at the Shrapnel Room tonight if you guys wanna go there?"
She is game. Jamie and Dex let them have their cutesy shy talk. When Joey rejoins Jamie-
"Don't you say a word."
"Hey it all speaks for itself, I don't HAVE to say anything."

Later they visit Leyland in his office. Leyland has been talking to Tobias, getting reaquainted with him and confessing that he has...um, changed alot. They have their little british chit chat when Jamie and Joey walk in. Tobias admits he is impressed with Jamie's fighting skills and Leyland asks about the demon. Tobias and Leyland speculate and theorize, then they turn to Jamie and ask her what she thinks could be going on.

"Joey just totally got asked out on a DATE."
Leyland: *sigh*
"Like, she asked HIM. I mean I know this isn't the Brady Bunch years but thats just damn impressive."
Jamie and Joey leave the office and run into Dex in the hall. As Jamie starts to get all flirty Tobias approaches from Leyland's office and asks Jamie if they could train together sometime after school. Dex no likey. Jamie explains she is doing a set tonight, and that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. As Leyland approaches she invites both of them to come over to her place for dinner on thanksgiving.
"You red coats can celebrate with us Yankees over their wonderful period in our history when we ran into a big rock."
They both decline, citing it might be odd for them to attend that kind of family gathering. But Tobias wants to know about what kind of music Jamie plays. Jamie explains it's like Industrial Goth with a dash of some really bad emo. Turns out Tobias is a Ramones fan amoung other things. Jamie and him begin going down a list of music they love and Tobias admits he owns some original punk albums that impossable to find.
Leyland is beginning to not like this. Dex beats him in that race though.

Jamie performs at the Shrapnel room. Annie is having a blast with Joey. Tobias is in the crowd and cheering Jamie on. Dex is no where to be seen. Who walks in the door as the first song comes to a close? DEX! No. Not Dex. LEYLAND. PRINCIPLE LEYLAND attends the Chains' show at the Shrapnel Room. Feeling threatened much? Jamie doesn't notice him until she comes off stage from a finished set and approaches her groupie crowd. Her jaw hits the floor when she notices her Watcher is amoung them.

Leyland: "Yes...Um. That was very creative Jamie, I say well done."
Tobias: "That was great Jamie, you tear those strings up."
"Um, Gee thanks, and WOW thanks."
Leyland reeeeeeeeeeeeeaally doesn't like this.
Tobias: I'm going to go get some air, it's pretty tight in here isn't it?"
Leyland: "Indeed! Good idea Tobias. I shall follow shortly."
Leyland likes this.
The group hangs a bit and Jamie is getting a little worried. She asks Joey and Annie if they have seen Dex. Nope. Joey adds to her anxiety by saying "it's really not like him to be late..."
Dex comes bursting in and before Jamie can say anything-
Dex: "Hey I need a phone some guy is getting attacked outside."
Jamie and thr crew rush out (after handing Dex a phone and rushing out so they can "ID" the attacker if they need to and telling Annie to stay put). They find THREE heavy hitter female vamps laying into Tobias. Big fight breaks out as Jamie spring into action. Joey and Leyland, with Tobias's help, keep one of the Vamps busy while jamie dusts the first one hardcore. The second comes at Jamie noticing that the Slayer is in full swing, as does the third. But Vamp #2 learns all to late she just ain't the queen of the street she thought she was. Jamie seizes her by the NECk and lifts her full press, off the ground and slams her into the wall staking her in the process.The third isn't stupid and retreats having one last say before she goes:
"Drusilla won't be pleased Tobias."
All eyes turn to Tobias.
Tobias: "Drusilla?? Drusilla is HERE?! Leyland your watcher journal did not say Drusilla was in Civil City."
Jamie:" You didn't mention that?(to Leyland)"
Leyland: "Well not exactly."
Joey draws all their attention suddenly saying "Um, Jamie..." and points. All eyes turn to the entrance of the Shrapnel Room.
Annie is standing there in SHOCK, having witnessed the whole thing. Jamie asks Leyland to say somethign believable quick, but the stuttering is obviously not what she wanted to hear as she bolts inside and vanishes into the crowd. Jamie FREAKS, remembering what happened when Joker found out Batmans identity. Not that this metaphore means much to Leyland. Dex apologieses for being late and the cops arrive and take statements. The whole group worry about Annie.

Thanksgiving comes. Jamies Dad ditches her for a buisness trip. Jamie is seriously heart broken, as she so want to have some kind of relationship with her dad. But she swallows it down and goes into her room and BLASTS her music. After he dad has left, she calls up everyone she knows to spread the word. Party, her house, TONIGHT. She even calls a girl she vowed never to ever call, not sure why she was doing it. Figuring it might have been some kind of understanding formed during their last "adventure" maybe?
"Hi...Muffy, it's Jamie..."
"...Yeah so...listen...my dad kinda turned into a prick and went on this buisness trip tonight instead of staying for thanksgiving. So I am throwing this party tonight-"
"My dad did the same thing. I'm so mad."
"Yeah what the hell? He spends more time with his luggage."
"Or his stupid fat golfing buddies."
"Sooo lame."
"So it starts at 7..."
"OKay...see you at 7."
".......um. OKay."
Jamie walks away from the phone in a confused stupor.
The party gets kicking. LOADS of people show to the Holt mansion. Jamie gets a phone call, it's Leyland. He tells Jamie that Tobias has crossed paths with Drusilla in the past and she may have a death wish for him. PLus he knows more about these Dragon Pieces that Drusilla seems to be after. Finally he wants Jamie to come by tomorrow afternoon to begin her advanced combat training. She is in the middle of agreeing when she hears smashing and roaring on Leylands end of the line, then the phone goes dead. Jamie has Dex watch her place as she hops into the limo and drives at high speeds to Leylands place (it should be mentioned, Jamie doesn't know how to drive, and this is a limo...).

A Demon stands in the destroyed doorway and Linden Leylands apartment. It charges in an all hell breaks loose. Tobias begins to pull all his martial arts tricks while Leyland gets a great sword off the wall near his weapons chest and a fight breaks out causing serious property damage. The demon takes on Tobias and the sword wielding Watcher at the same time. The two fight it hard, but it's getting the best of them. I sends Tobias in a wall and knocks the sword from Leylands hand as it crashes him down onto the dinning room table. This looks like it could be it.
"Hey you stupid Doink."
The Demon turns.
And gets split right down the middle by a greatsword wielding Slayer. Tobias and Leyland collect themselves, popping things back into place and groaning. Jamie makes sure they are okay then explains that she needs to get back to her party and that they should come with her just in case.
Leyland: Yes of course. How did you get here do fast by the way?
Jamie flinches.
Cut to a damaged Limo parked side ways in the middle of the street with horns blaring and angry drivers screaming. They arrive back at the party and regroup.
Joey hasn't seen Annie and they are all still worried. School start again monday, guess they will find out then. As they sit on the sofa, and Dex is gona to get some more drink...the three have a moment.
Tobias: "Interesting town you have."
Leyland: "Actually it does have it's charm."
Joey: "Let me know when you find it."
Muffy enters, Joey wonders what the hell she is doing here. Jamie moves over to her with a smile.
"I'm glad you could come."
"Yeah well...someone has to be around to snatch up Dex when you screw up."
Jamie gives a smile. Muffy returns it.

Pan back as the pary continues and the group finds a moment reprieve from the crazy, if only for a moment.
But in the shadows not far away, it a scary british vampire chick looking through the windows at them and a sadistic grin on her face.

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Date:January 19th, 2005 08:41 am (UTC)
dude these games rule as much as the show. the only thing i think you guys missed is the big bad always says their sinister quote followed by the camera panning to something completely unexpected, like annie spying on drusilla or some such thing. this entry was episode 7 and assuming you having a short first season (12 episodes), its getting close for the final plot swing to start that brings us to the finale.

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