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Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer --- Episode 8 "Pay Backsah Bitch." - HI! I'M STUPID!

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April 29th, 2005

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11:56 pm - Previously on Jamie the Vampire Slayer --- Episode 8 "Pay Backsah Bitch."
We open up with Jamie workin hard on a bag. Leyland is gauging her development. Slayer speaking of course. Jamie's strength hasn't improved but her agility has become impressive even by slayer standards. Per her request, Tobias has set to work training the goth/punk girl in various martial arts forms as instructed by the Watchers council. And while the Jamster is rocking the socks off Tobias in every sparing match and scenrio, Leyland still pressures Jamie into training. Being Miss please-everyone isn't in Jamie's style, but she decides to let Leyland be all Watchery and buckle down on her punchy kicky stuff. Things get a little conflicted though, when come Friday night, Dex and Jamie have a date.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

"Yes I am sure it would have been a very nice evening Jamie, but ther-"
"Would have been?!"
"Jamie, while things have been quiet of late there is still the matter of that bizarre tower you encountered when... well th-"
"That time you forced us to wear geeky school uniforms which turned everyone into a mindless drone and Muffy McGee into Megatron."
"Yes th-that time--- wait turned Miss McGee into who?"

In the end, Jamie has to contact Dex and cancel the date...
"Oh...Okay It's cool."
"You sure? You sound kinda...I don't know..."
"Well...it's just you cancel alot is all. Kinda sucks. But it's alright I can be nifty understanding-boyfriend-guy which gets me Jamie merit badges."

Jamie is charmed, but alarmed.

Joey notices Jamie's distress after school.
"Look, the guy is all about you. It'll be fine."
"No Jo. It won't be. I watch TV okay? This is what happens when relationships are being tricked into the freaking gas chamber. Speaking of which...hows Annie?"
"I don't know. She turns the other way every time I see her."

Jamie decides to make first contact...and just like every Star Trek episode about First Conacts, it dont go so good.

Jamie finds Annie in the lunch room and sneaks up sliding into the seat infront of her at the table startling the hell out of her. She makes to leave right away.

"Annie wait wait, just give me a second to explain and if it doesn't sit with you I won't bother you anymore scouts honor."

Annie hesitates but sits down. Jamie stutters and tries to explain that she is involved with a wierd gang and that she turned away from that kind of life but that sometimes it catches up to her. But that it shouldn't happen anymore. Annie plays like she buys it. Then promptly leaves. Jamie is distraut, but figures her and her pals can work off their frustrations tonight when the inevitably run into bad stuff and beat the crap out of it.

"I can't go tonight, I am supposed to hang with Annie, I think she wants to talk."

So Joey isn't going, but that could be a good thing because it looks like the Annie issue is covered. Leyland, Tobias and Jamie head out to the hills of Civil City where Jamie came across the tower. On the way, sneaking up a hill to the mount, a Goblin/demon thingy erupts from the bushes ambushing all three. Tobias takes a crack to the head and goes down. Jamie engages like Trinity on crack and removes the little thingy from exsitence. But things take a turn for the worse upon the news:

Leyland: "This looks pretty bad. I'm going to get Tobias back and check out his head."
Tobias: "Yes perhaps that would be a good idea..."
Jamie: "Wait, what? You're going to leave me?"
Leyland: "You should be fine on your own Jamie. You're ready for this."
J: "Maybe but why can't Tobias take himself home. And whats the big deal, it's just a bump on his head?"

AND an argument arises, the first real argument between Jamie and Leyland. Leyland is concerened about Tobias, but Jamie seems to think it's hokey in that Tobias is supposed to be the martial arts guru of the watcher council and a bruise on the head is a sissy lah-lah wound to have to retreat. Ultimatley Jamie tells both of them to screw off if all they had planned on doing was tucking their tails between their legs after the first scrape. Leyland leaves with Tobias, secretly wondering if Jamie is letting Slayer strength go to her head. Tobias tells Leyland to watch over Jamie, that he will wait in the car. Leyland reaches the top of the mount just in time to see that Jamie has snuck down into the contruction zone, whichs is FILLED with about 45 of the demon/goblin thingies. WORSE is the fact that, standing ontop of a cat walk high above the structure is DRUSILLA with a little smile on her sadistic/insane pretty face. But, even WORSE than that, is Leyland spotting Jamie taking aim at Drusilla with her crossbow. Before he can get a harshly whispered: "JAMIE NO!" out of his mouth

*BOING!* The bowstring snaps and Drusilla finds herself with a crossbow bolt sticking out of her shoulder. Jamie stands up from behind her cover and calls out to the freaking shocked Vampire nut.

"HEY DRU! Is that pie you were talking about baking ready yet sweety?"
Dru (shrieking): KILL HER KILL HER!!

And thus, Leyland and Jamie DIED.
Not really.
No they didn't die. They ran. They ran alot.
The car ride out of the combat zone was filled with Jamie's laughter and Leylands scolding.
J: "HEY! She broke into my house, it was time I broke into hers."

Jamie can barely sleep that night, jazzed beyond belief she dotted Dru like a number two pencil striking a bubble on a scan tron (nerd speak for: Shot the hell out of that vampire bitch).

The next day Jamie makes nice with Dex, but is inturupted by Joey.

"Jamie, Annie is missing."

"ah hell..."

That night they decide to all head back up to the mount, this time all together with a battle plan. There are to many Goblin thingies, so Joey and Leyland are going to try and work out a spell that will put the goblin thingies to sleep. Jamie will draw their fire while Tobias searches for Annie.
To make a long story short, they arrive and leap into the fray, while Joey and Leyland do their vodoo.
Jamie finds herself surrounded by about 12 of these demon thingies and instead of looking for Annie, Tobias finds himself defending Joey and Leyland while they do the ritual. Jamie is laying the holy smack down for the first few moments, with a series of kicks and spins with upper cut follow ups and taunts that leaves goblins hurt, confused and ...well mostly really hurt. But her advantage starts to slide as more join in the fray and soon she is on the defensive while being attacked by many many many uglies. A scream cries out from the cat walk, and Lo, there is Dru taunting our hero's with Annie. Jamie trie to make her way out of the dog pile, but no luck. Just as it looks like the Slayer might be in real trouble, the sleep spell kicks in in a major way and the Goblin bastards take a nap. Jamie bolts to the cat walk eager as hell to meet up with Dru and lay her low, but suddenly she hears Joey calling out. Jamie turns and sees Joey has Annie. Confused as hell, Jamie looks back up the cat walk. Dru is no where. Making her way quickly back to to Joey she asks the obvious question:

"How the hell did she get down here?"
"She says she got away from Dru! Lets get out of here!"

Instinct making Jamie very alarmed, she shrugs and decides not to question their luck. They run- after Jamie stomps down on like, what, 20 of the sleeping Goblin freaks. The next day Annie is absent from school, but Joey says she is just shook up. Apparently no one else saw her on the cat walk. Jamie keeps quiet about it, but she knows.

Something is up. She is interupted from her thoughts as Dex walks up to her while she sits on the bench at school.

"I've decided I want revenge."
Jamie blinks.
"For...for what?"
"Canceling our date."
"Dex I-"
Jamie is silenced as Dex kisses her. A passionate kiss, Princess Bride Style.

From across the courtyard a skater punk screams:
"Get a room you poster-children-for-Hallmark-cards!"



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Date:April 30th, 2005 11:30 am (UTC)


wow your talented.
Look I don't know if you remeber but I am the Jamie gurl from greatst journal.
You seemed very sweet & now I see talented.
anyway I added you .
I like reading you & knowing there are men like you

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